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Rats, Snakes, or Frogs in the Toilet or Sink? Ugly Gray Pipes Sticking Out of Your Roof? White Pipes Sticking Out Like a Sore Thumb?

Many people don’t realize that your plumbing vents (those little pipes that stick out of your roof) are the source for a host of problems with your home. From leaking vents that can cause thousands of dollars in damage over time, to stained roofs from oxidized lead running onto your shingles, to frogs, rats, and snakes ending up in your toilets, these all often originate from your plumbing vents.

In the Southern States primarily, and some other areas of the country, lead is used to seal the plumbing vent to the roof. This is called “flashing,” although it is often called a boot or a jack depending upon where you live. Regardless, our little friends, the squirrels, have found these make an excellent chew toy and they simply love gnawing on them. This opens the vent up to rain and can cause serious roof damage over time, often costing thousands of dollars to repair. Most of the time the home owner is completely unaware of this unless the leak is so bad it causes a ceiling stain.

Perhaps you have heard of people talking about how they found a frog, rat, or snake in their toilet or sink. These are not urban myths. They actually happen. I fact, it happened to me when I found a huge tree frog in my toilet. These animals enter the vent and fall into the plumbing system behind the plumbing trap. They swim up through the trap and end up in your toilet or sink. Frogs are not bad, but rats are disease carriers and can inflict nasty bites, and if they get out of the toilet you have a rat in the home. Nobody wants a rat in the house, especially if children are present.

Have you ever been by a home and seen stains on the roof running down from the vents? These are caused by lead oxidizing and staining the roof when it rains. Its not attractive, make the roof look older than it is, and can detract from the value of the home.

Cutaway of the Critter QuitterYouTube Video to Website by v3.0m

As the video shows, a Critter Quitter® is far more than a simple shield that protects the vent. Its patent pending design has an internal component, painted red for clarity in the video that drops the rain water into the vent. This keeps the damaged portion of the vent dry and stops the leak. It also has a screen that stops frogs, rats, and other animals from entering the vent and ending up in your toilets or sinks.

An important feature of the Critter Quitter® is that the internal component does not enter the vent, but simply hovers above it. Thus it can be installed on new flashing to protect it in the future.

Critter Quitters® are easy to install by either home owner or professional, don’t require any special tools, and add a nice look to your roof. They come in two sizes that fit almost all vents, and we even offer a large custom vent shield for the rare 4 inch vent found on older homes.

So whether you have a new roof or an old one, when you buy Critter Quitters® you are buying piece of mind.

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